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2010 - 2011 High End Designer Costume Jewelry Trend Forecast

Author: Candace Daugherty

Whether you are a collector, a fashionista or a specialty shop retailer, knowing what fashion jewelry trends are current and coming is vital and then being able to duplicate the trend at a fraction of the designer or retail pieces is essential. After much market research and trend-spotting, I have compiled a list of the jewelry trends for 2010 and into 2011. In summary:
  • Massive, Dramatic and Heavy Metals
  • Antique, Vintage, Retro & New Combinations
  • Dramatic, unique, unusual necklaces 
  • Ornamented & Bold Bracelets
  • Eclectic Natural Look 
  • Crystal, Rhinestone & Venetian Art Glass 
  • Black, Grey and Neutrals
  • 2010-2011 Color Predictions
  • Faux & Real Pearls
  • Over-The-Top Rings
  • Enormous Hoops and Chandelier Earrings
  • Green Eco Aware Movement
Massive, Dramatic and Heavy Metals– Big and bold ornaments are in this season.
There is no such thing as "not enough" and "more more-ness" is absolutely desirable. Decadently embellished pieces having drama and making a major statement will be the showstoppers everyone is looking to own. Also massive metal pieces such as the giant curb link necklace pieces designed by Kenneth J. Lane and others and which are very expensive.

Antique, Vintage, Retro & New Combinations – everyone loves the look of antique, vintage and retro jewelry and now the latest trend is to thoughtfully mix these with new and creative pieces for a unique one of a kind look. Jewelry designers such as Elizabeth Locke and Roberto Coin are beautifully infusing their new concepts and marrying them to antique and vintage looks and the resulting designs are perfection.

Dramatic, unique and unusual necklaces – unlike in the past when the massive brooches and pins were the key element in one's personal adornment… it is now the necklace. Necklaces that fill a neckline such as the popular bib style, or the long multi-chain with or without a pendant such as some of the designs by Chopard can include rhinestone crosses, circles, skulls and skeleton keys. Also multi media pieces that appear to be one-of-a kind create that ever popular "artist -bohemian" look and each having matching earrings to complete the statement is what drama and unique are all about.
Ornamented & Bold Bracelets– this trend has been hot for a while since Louis Vuitton made a major statement with his embellished cuff designs. Also wonderful dyed leather cuffs reminiscent of "surfer chic" with ornamentation are making their appearance. Massive lucite confetti bangles like the old 50's – 60's versions, and metal cuffs with charms, studs and crystals are all bigger than ever.

Eclectic Natural Ethnic and Tribal Looks – ethnic and regional designs are always hot and this year is no exception. Taking from the Native American or African use of natural stones including turquoise, agates, onyx, opaque and semi precious stones in rock candy colors and like the high end designs of Oscar Heyman and Katy Briscoe. Gorgeous pale angelskin coral and the most important one yet is precious and rare red coral whether used in their raw form or carved are not to be missed. All of this incorporated into original nature inspired designs create an "earth mother" appeal.

Crystal, Rhinestone & Venetian Art Glass– this look is eternal as it duplicates the look of fine diamonds at a mere fraction of the cost. Grey and black are new this year and H. Stern's "Cobblestone" collection and jewelry designer Jane Taylor's use of beautifully colored sets in interesting color combinations in dangle earrings, bracelets and necklaces are making any jewelry maven wanting these tasty morsels. The combination of Venetian and Murano colorful lamp-work art-glass beads and hand-blown glass make for a fabulous combination of light reflecting beauty.

Black, Grey and Neutrals – this is a major trend in not only women's but men's jewelry. It can be glass, metal, crystals, lucite, pearls, leather or anodized stainless steel. All of these materials when used deliberately create a very sophisticated statement. Another less available but super hot trend is the use of rough cut and off color diamonds, such as Rio Tinto's grey diamond "Silver Mist Collection". Also coming from Italy (and who knows fashion and trends better than the Italians) is Chocolate Gold and is being used extensively in the collections of Italian jewelry designers de Grisogono, Licia Mattioli and Gruosi. Chocolate gold is beautiful with any skin tone and the true jewelry lover with discerning taste will fall in love with it.

2010 – 2011 Color predictions - the color stories for 2010 and moving into 2011 are muted tones: pale grey blues, faded creams and taupe, soft violets, washed out ochre, and then combined with more saturated colors such as yellow, violet, purple, red and cerulean blue. These colors are one step away from the jewel-tones and pastels in the past and are more unique and make for great combinations. Elizabeth Gage, Tom Munsteiner and Paloma Picasso use many of these color stories in their highly desirable jewelry pieces which can sell for $1000's.

Faux & Real Pearls – Pearls are pure classicism. For centuries they have been highly desired for their unique one of a kind nature. However in 2010-2011, pearls are not your mom's string of 8mm pearls anymore. Pearls whether real or faux are coming in massive rounds, teardrops or biwa shapes and are showing up everywhere. Even Cartier has revived their classic styling in more eye catching pearl in combination with diamonds designs. Pearls can be at the end of a long neck chain, incorporated into a massive heavy metal multi chain bib necklace, on top of a ring, dangling from ears or clustered as charms around the wrist. They are still feminine but with a "warrior princess" edge.

Over-The-Top Rings- whether faux or real the more one can put on a finger the better and the idea is to "catch the eye". Clusters of crystals, pearls, charms, Lucite beads, reflecting a style referred to as "French Salon Chic". Flashing an unbelievable ring while having cocktails and conversation is the ultimate "tease" and everyone will be envious.

Enormous Hoops and Chandelier Earrings – The hoop earrings is extremely versatile and this trend is still very strong. The bigger… longer… and glitzier the better.  Earring Hoops that are 2" – 4" long and have rhinestones or diamonds on the outside and inside are right on trend. Jewelry designers Patricia Locke and Ramona Singer are creating new and exciting hoop earring designs. Now for a more elegant look, chandelier earrings are perfect. Bulgari, and others are giving their spin on this classic earring design. In 2010, earrings with intense color palettes such as hot pinks, reds, greens and yellows create a striking contrast that will give any fashion look a touch of glamour.

Green Eco Aware Movement – thank God this movement finally made it to the over-indulgent world of jewelry. More and more designers such as Mari & Lani Davis, Alex and Ani, and Tamra Gentry just to name a few are concerned with" recycle and reuse" philosophies in their designs. Whether it is recycling auto paint, plastic milk cartons, used newspapers, or just plain trash… interesting and exciting jewelry is literally popping up everywhere!!.

Consider yourself forewarned and now that you are armed with market insights and trend predictions,  what do you do about them? Most all of the trends are identified in a section called "2010 and Beyond Trends".

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